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Taipan Games


Taipan is the most dangerous snake in the world. Only 120mL of its venom could kill a hundred adult men.

Taipan Games is as poisonous as its inspirational animal. We spread the contagious love for tabletop games, specially those made with extreme attention to every single detail.

We believe tabletop gaming to be the most amazing social activity a group can do. It bonds people, unites relatives and turns simple moments into remarkable ones.

Everyone has a gaming story to tell that is unique, unforgettable, therefore eternal.

Table top gaming is enthralling and Taipan is here to offer you the best experience you will have with those.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the most amazing tabletop gaming experiences to the most interesting people.

Enlighten regulars to the awesomeness of this enthralling hobby.

We are here to spread the venom

Our Vision

We find tabletop gaming to be the best hobby for smart and interesting people that seek an environment of fun and belonging.

Therefore, we aim to be a reference to the whole market and to build a strong and continuously growing relationship with our customers.

Core Values

To subvert the over-connected society

To form community
Enhance Relations